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If that leads to traffic, engagement and ultimately people buying our belt then that's great too

By Vincent Turner, Feb 8 2021

A few weeks ago we launched the YOKU website, there is some products, some nice photos and a growing list of posts, mainly updates about the company, but we exist for a purpose, a mission centred around the core idea of one less thing..

one less thing is the idea that the world needs less things, designed better, built to last that feel like magic when you experience them, why should our content be any different?

We have some very strong and clear ideals, which you're going to be hearing a lot more about, but these ideas don't exist in a vacuum. They are rooted in an understanding of how the world works and an opinion on how it could work.

Exploring these ideals is the writing we're planning to do at YOKU.

We want to write what we'd like to read

The content world online is dominated by short form, bite sized, list heavy, link heavy, keyword optimised writing under 500 words.. but ask yourself this?

When was the last time an '8 reasons why X' article ever really changed your world view or behaviour

So instead what we are planning to do is to create long form content, packed with well researched and cited facts and perspective where we set up, uncover, review and opine on some big issues broadly related to the YOKU mission, values and beliefs.

To do this means taking longer, investing more time and money and ultimately producing less content but we think the result will be worth it. Our objective in all this is to surface ideas, challenge the status quo and invite you to tell us why we're wrong or what you think. These long form pieces are meant to provoke considered thought and respectful dialogue.

If the google search algorithm likes it, well that's great too.

Introducing Kristine Buenavista

I know that I won't be able to do this by myself, I'm not qualified and don't want a 'voice of one' so we have spent the last few weeks seeking out someone to get involved as we start out on this journey and are super happy to be able to introduce Kristine Buenavista.

Kristine is a freelance writer and researcher from Barotac Viejo, in Iloilo, Philippines. She is an artist, social innovator, and public speaker.

Her poems, feature narratives, and essays have been published in local books by Kasingkasing Press, and on the web by Philippine Daily Inquirer, Elephant Journal, and Rappler. She has also written for ethical brands like Arizen and helped Orb Media create Shock/Wave, a database of sustainability innovations, events, and projects from around the world. 

Her initiatives Artivism.ilo and Alima Community are centered on unconventional approaches to uphold sustainable development through the arts, grassroots collaboration, and folk wisdom.

Kristine has been featured on Cosmo.ph, Philippine Commission on Women #JuanaSays, Sagisag.com, YourSafeSpace.com, and Move.PH

More importantly she already lives and breathes the values and ideals of YOKU and together we're going to do great things.

What's next?

The first article is going to try to understand and challenge the reality that well designed, well made products are generally only available to people globally with high disposable income.

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