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Update on YOKU

New design approach to the buckle further simplifies the design making the belt even more beautiful and magical

Why we aren't writing for SEO at YOKU

one less thing is the idea that the world needs less things, designed better, built to last that feel like magic when you experience them, why should our content be any different?

YOKU wins honourable mention in IDA Design Awards

YOKU believes in great, timeless design. We have spent almost 2 years so far creating and refining the design of YOKU in an effort to create a thing of beauty, that works like magic and outlasts it...

What we believe at YOKU

At YOKU we believe a belt is a durable thing, not a consumable thing, but that to create something that people want to own and wear for a lifetime and still be 'in fashion' 50 years later we need t...

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